"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty,
that is all Ye know on Earth,
that is all Ye need to know..." - John Keats

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tale of Guilt....

How do you do the impossible?

How do you atone and let your sin be undone?

How do you speak your feelings loud,

how do you confess your love?

How do you ever explain

all else's colour that you stowed?

How do you apologize?

How do you beg your pardon?

How do you eulogize

when nothing remains

but a dark carton?

How do you tell the person,

what you did was wrong?

How do you make it up

to someone who is gone?

Nurture, nurture,

a field of pain,

nurture, oh my dear heart!

a guilt restrained...

Let it grow, eat you up...

And let your heart hope

that you are forgiven

when with death you elope...

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju


Reflections said...

Always there is hope of being forgiven, yet it often begins with forgiving ourselves. Powerful, thought provoking piece.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Such a deeply thought poem. It is difficult to ever have all the answers, even from the living.
I understand this very well, as I would love to have challenged my father about his treatment of me, over many years. I respected his age, by not challenging him at the time. Now it is too late and I still want answers from him, even after 22 years!

Eileen :)