"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty,
that is all Ye know on Earth,
that is all Ye need to know..." - John Keats

Saturday, 31 July 2010

When all hope fades...

When deranged on a lonely winter's night
when those winds blow backward,
your face,swept off its guard,
by those pains unsaid,
and those points that had clung...
When your soul sings,
ideas that pulverize your being...

Oh! my dear friend!,
then,when all seems black and cold,
that is when,you ought to rise,
and sit beside a hot hearth made of coal...

Your heart shall be that hearth,
which shalt give you your warmth...

Then,in the absence of any hope,
your friend,that unforgiving light,
your smile,my friend,your smile shall give
you,your life,back to your soul...

You may be deranged in your senses,
your limbs and your heart,maybe
numbed by chilly waves that sting...
But,tell me what good is in thinking
you lack that,which is free...

'cause,when every price has been paid,
you will see my friend,
that its time that you let go,
of the chains and shackles that you're in...

It will be then,that,in your life,
which is a dream,you'll see,
how strange it is,to be alive at all...

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju

Bend down from heaven...

Sweet Lady in the heaven,
if a place as such exists...
Thee see o'erhead,our blue planet,
gay beauty,a sight divine,
fatal sorrow in the hours of dismay...

Have you seen our tiny home,
have you my Lady,witnessed the pathos that remains..?
Atrociously morose,aye,this earthling sounds,
but what shall Ye know,
hiding behind that glowing shadow?

Have you,my divine Goddess,
ever witnessed,
the gap between good and evil,so digressed?
Have the dew and honey,
kept you so busy,
that you didn't have a second,
to see something red and tasting bitter?

Has your nice abode,
remained so compelling,
that the fatal reality down here,
evaded your beautiful feelings?

Its been too long,
I ask this of you,
bow your head once and look down on what's true...
You may have to bend down a bit,
but my Goddess,trust me on this,
you would want to know...

You would want to know,
what has become of your 'noble' sons,
who were thinking once,
but are now incensed...

They shall regret,I am sure,
for the blood and oil that
they have wrongfully spilled..

Mountains made porous
with their tunnels too deep,
forests green and oceans blue,
blackened by their fire and filth...

Ye may know,my Lady!,
Ye may have a trick up your sleeve,
I am sure ye may teach your sons,
a chapter in sensibility...

I rest my pen,
another remorseless son,
begging at your feet...
Teach me and my brothers,
the value of our wealth,
teach my family,
and every other colour under the sun,
that they might like...

Teach those brothers of mine,
who call you,with faith,
but maybe differently in their ways...

Teach us all,
that chapter of the sinful filth of unthinking greed...

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju

Friday, 23 July 2010

Few Observations...

Expressions are best formed in the most profoundly penetrating silences. Its a remarkable irony that the communication of one's thoughts,ideas and dreams come in most marvellously in solitude.
It greatly interests me,the judgements one comes across,even about himself as well as others. The way,a seemingly close-to-heart friends may even turn hostile the moment,the other person walks away.
Paradoxical neture,hypocrisy in thoughts and incongruency in actions. It is an amazingly incredible amalgam of contradictions that we come across in the midst of our wrongly accredited,or rather self-styled order of "civilization".
All humanly reactions and behavioural activities are perceived unnatural to such an extent,that people may even be blamed to suffer issues,but what one fails to notice is that,once placed in such situation,which may drive extremities in reactions,every nine and half individuals out of ten may react more or less,in a similar fashion,if not worse.
The very concept of empathising is lost in oblivion due to stark and non-uniform judgementalism that prevails over and more than often,over-rules human conscience.
Tolerance for a person's flaws is over-ruled by magnified dosage of negative sense of ego.
All things said and done,and existent;but still such an exemplary sense of self-worth prevails amongst the ignominiously deviant people,which though to an extent admirable,but beyond a certain limit,become an undesirable persistant drawback.
It is but alarming as well as intriguing that we humans are such a bundle of contradictions.
All that I could infer is that,we really have a long way to go before our superficiality is shed and we become a tolerant,mature and meaningful "civilization".

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What say??!!

Is it so true,
the cry of that nightingale?

Is it so majestic,
the power of the whirling cloud?

Is it so intense,
the magic of those west winds?

Everything,that captured the imagination,
of the most imaginative of our kind...
All those flowing whispers,
all those things said and proclaimed beautiful...

Those smiles of the fair lady,
those slender curves of the country maiden...

Its all in the beauty,
it did catch our eyes,minds and pens...

What of those endless tears?
What of those flowing sand dunes,
thorny barren lands,
what of those cracks,what of those
stones,razor sharp??

What of the red coloured fields?
what of the imprisoned slaves?
What say,to remember your flaws?
What say,look at your ugly side?

What say,you stop pretending,
what say,you stop ignoring,
what say,you stop bragging?

What say,you own up?
What say,we shed a tear?

All things beautiful,said and done,
what say,lets wrap a clothe around our,
red blood fun???

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

White pale fall...

Elsewhere it said,justice is free...
Elsewhere it said,
truth is justice...
But down there,
it changed its speech...
There,down that road,
it changed it speed...
It ran faster,
blur to a naked eye,that cycle...
Elsewhere,it slowed down,that screeching wheel...

That little angel,wants to be free...
That little mermaid,stranded,
in its own sea...

Freedom,yet holds a meaning to that heart,
justice,still is believed to be free...

She,that young soul,
comes and says,
'justice is free,and not for one,but for all'...

But,she that poor soul,
has lost her mother at the age of three...

I witness,this parody that God plays on us,
and wonder,
whether to believe in her spirit,
or just aimlessly flee...

Because,I feel,there,at the end of the day,
I see,
all of us are but,like that little mermaid,
stranded in its own sea...

We all fight,
to break those shackles,
wrench those chains,
but I don't see,
winners,who changed this scene...

They have come and gone,
often remembered,
mostly forgotten...

But the world has remained,
still the same...

But I guess,
I will live on,this way...
There won't be white pale fall on my soul...
And somehow,though I don't know if the world is gonna change,
I know that,my heart won't surrender...

It will keep on struggling like a fish in that net,
till my last breath,
but it wouldn't surrender...

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju