"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty,
that is all Ye know on Earth,
that is all Ye need to know..." - John Keats

Saturday, 6 February 2010

On love and sacrifice...

Life always has great things to teach us. It becomes such a matter of importance in some cases,what we term as sacrifice. Yes,sacrifice is sometimes,I presume, an art,sometimes a necessity,sometimes an inevitability. Nevertheless,always it has carried some beauty with it. I have been able to perceive that it helps us learn many vital lessons in life like humility,and always served as a symbol for care,and affection.
People,especially youngsters talk of,getting talked into a relation,or maybe demanding their requirements from one's partner,and such stuff... But what I have observed in this trend of so-called "love" is that the essence of the beautiful phenomenon is lost.
One may counter argue,that what the other person does by giving in to one's demands or subjection and objections can be called sacrifice for the sake of love,but I find it irksome to accept that,that feeling can exist when one faces unfair treatment. I would bow to such person who does what is unfairly expected of him/her without resentment,and I can vouch for this fact that if he/she is really belonging to our own emotionally vulnerable,sensitive species then there would be at least one tinsiest bit of resentment somewhere in that person. I may be proven wrong,but till the time I am not,pardon me the liberal view that I take, when I say love only prevails where there is mutual understanding and care,and to an extent 'unasked' sacrifice (not sacrifice on demand).
In some lives, often, it so happens that one knows that the person whom he/she loves maybe someone with whom he/she can never even feel it is feasible that a relation can be realised. I have found it difficult,yet an admirable feat to just let go of that person,whom you know that you can never stop loving,but for their and through them for your happiness' sake, you let go of them;this is one of the most painful sacrifices one can make,but if it is worth saving what you actually have with that person and if it is worth the smile that you have fallen in love with,its worth letting go of that person and trying to move on...
As I write this piece,I begin to see much more clearly how much deep the bond goes between the two words,love and sacrifice.
Its as though there has not been any difference between the two except the artificial barriers we erected or maybe the two words are flipsides of the same coin.
I think the happiness one gets through the pain endured by sacrificing is the most chaste and highest form of happiness one can derive,and if one really believes that he/she is truly in love,I think he/she truly finds pleasure in that sacrifice.
After all,the ultimate strength of a man is tested by how much he can endure,and how much he can forgo,and still smile with a joy that surpasses the comprehension of the unthinking,simple lot,as it hardly is or has any mundane phenomenon,rather it gives a serene flavour to itself.

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju

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