"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty,
that is all Ye know on Earth,
that is all Ye need to know..." - John Keats

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Song for You...

There is something we see,
there is something we can be,
but then, sometimes we realise,
what we are is worth it...

There is those moments we think,
If we were that one bit different,
Would it have made all that difference in the world?
But then that smile would be gone,
I may not be the person you may find pleasing,
But I have found that my mind,
It stays, it stays forever asleep,
Dreaming that which my heart says...

That day when you danced in the rain,
I felt all my joy saying thanks to that rain…
That day when you cried, I felt,
I felt my arms, stretching out,
Trying to hug you, trying to wipe those tears on your pallor...

Ever since I have known, this fact,
This feeling, and known this soul,
Which made me feel so happy...
You may pardon, or you may not,
But for me, angel who soars above that sun,
it is you...

I am nobody, nobody who may make you feel happy,
This song is not for showing you what I am,
I write this song to show you what you mean to me,
This maybe a fairy tale, with an ending as foretold,
Or it may be reality, not really untold...

But now, at this moment, I want to say,
All I care to say to you who are dearest
of all that is dear to my soul,
All I want to say is,
Dear, I just love you so...
All I want to say is,
I just love you so...

© Karthik Adithya Singaraju


Jingle said...

I like it a lot.
you captured moments of emotions and views vividly and lovely.
Thanks for linking up with potluck.

Good Luck on your exams,

Anonymous said...

A grand tour of the different places in one's life that they go. Great write

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Beautiful words which capture the feeling of love from within your heart.
Overflowing with emotion.

Good luck with your busy, busy exam week:)

Best wishes, Eileen

Shashi said...

Very nice poem.. and I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

nice profession of love..

Jingle Poetry said...

Greetings, how are you today?
we are so happy to have you at our potluck and thanks a bunch for the sweet contribution. Your involvement means a lot to us.
Any poem is acceptable, simply share and enjoy...
week 11 is open, hope to see you in.
have a lovely Monday.
you rock.

Sounds of Subtlety..:) said...

At JP.. Thank you for ur kind comments...:)

I hope I will be more active in future..:)

@ABThomas,Shashi and Fiveloaf - Thank you :)

@Eileen - Thank you Eileen,for ur comment and ur wishes too..:)

Deepika Vasudeva said...

the song touched a chord... it felt so soothing and wonder to read..

love is wonderful feeling and the words u weaved are just as wonder creating.
great job!

keep writing